because they lived…

Welcome to because they lived….

Please feel free to share your story of loss and hope with others traveling similar grief journeys. (Please do not leave it as a comment but submit HERE.) This site is intended as an extension of the book “Because They Lived,” by continuing to add to the stories of these mighty lives and these incredible families who have loved and lost.

Our goal is to provide comfort and awareness of Pregnancy and Infant Loss. The book does include a journal section to pen your own story onto its pages, but I also invite you to share your story here. The edited version of the book will now include a link to this blog in the afterword to direct people here to share and find hope.

Thank you for your strength, your love and your belief. Together, we can break the silence. Together, we can offer hope, love, support and a deeper dimension of love. Together, we can.

Because they lived.

Because they lived
I know it’s true
the seas are green
the skies are blue
I’ve swam in them
I’ve looked up there
owned the heartache
worn despair

Because they lived
I know it’s true
grief’s the beast
that follows you
it drags you down
it swallows you whole
causes you heartache
attacks your soul

Because they lived
I can say
there’s a family
who’s felt this way
who’s been given the worst
to see their blessed
cries of anger
and love distressed

Because they lived
I know it’s true
they will touch lives
they’ll honor you
the One who knit them
with great care
holds them tight
’til we get there

Because they lived
I can say
I now know love
a different way
compassion, joy
angst and pain
mixed together
through the rain

Because they lived
I know it’s true
they look down
they smile on you
each one who spoke
their broken song
to sing together
it won’t be long.
(Katy M. Larsen)

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